About Ostler Decorators

Ostler Decorators was started in 1938 by Earcel Ostler. Earcel established a painting and wall covering business on the west side of Los Angeles.

Just before the outbreak of WW2 Paul Ostler moved to Venice to work with his older brother Earcel and established his own wall covering installation business. After Earcel retired in 1972 Paul continued the wall covering business untill his retirement in 1985. Phillip Ostler (son of Paul Ostler) has continued the business to the present day.

Phil working with Steve and Norm from This Old House
Phil working with Steve and Norm on This Old House

Some of Paul’s early clients included:

Some of the designers that Paul worked with include Arthur Elrod, Laura Maco, Tony Duquete, and John Cottrell.

Since Paul’s retirement projects have included residences for Ella Fitzgerald, Herb Alpert, Alice Cooper, Steve Martin, Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson. Phillip also decorated Jules Stein’s old estate for Rupert & Ann Murdock when they moved to Los Angeles from New York, made two trips to Saudi Arabia starting in the late 80s, and worked on the interior of the Little Lake Lodge in Aspen, Colorado.

Recent Work

In the last three years Ted and Phillip Ostler have appeared on several episodes of "Million Dollar Decorators" on the Bravo Channel.